There are many different names used by different coffee roasters but in general, coffee roasts fall into one of four color categories — light, medium, medium-dark and dark.  And although it sounds like the dark roast may have more caffeine it is actually the light roasts that have a slightly higher concentration of caffeine.

What coffee roast you like is completely up to your taste buds and everyone is different. Ask us about our roasts and we’ll happily pair you up with one of our favourite blends. Here are some of our favourite blends from the Danes.

Danes speciality coffee


Chocolatey notes and a rich mouthfeel have earnt this ever-popular blend a swag of awards including the AICA Champion Milk Coffee trophy. Its name pays homage to the origin of global coffee trade, Al Mokha in Yemen. Mocha Gold’s irresistible blend is adaptable for all brew types, making it popular for home brewers who like classic coffee flavours.


Caramba is the go-to café choice for its legendary Danes flavour. Beautifully balanced for milk and black styles, its legendary flavour will catch you by surprise, created by origins from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica. Caramba means “good gracious!” in Spanish, a name that will roll over your tongue as smoothly as your next cup of this popular drop.


Strong and daring, Viking lives up to its warrior-like name. Its full-bodied flavour is as rich as it is powerful. And just like the historic Vikings of Scandinavia, this blend’s history is measured in treasures – the medal winning kind. Roasted with origins from Mexico, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India and Rwanda, Viking is a blend for those who like their coffee balanced and bold.